CCTV cameras are everywhere, there for convenience, there to protect us!

Over recent years the prices of CCTV cameras and associated equipment have reduced significantly, whilst at the same time technology has advanced immensely, now offering the most advanced equipment at the best prices! There as never been a better time to invest in a CCTV System.

Cameras can include various features including

  • Infra-Red illumination for Night Time viewing

  • High resolution digital colour images – now up to 4k Resolution

  • Fixed, Varifocal or Motorised Lenses – for the exact viewing angle required

  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras for the ultimate control and viewing

Out with the VCR! – Not too many years ago we were still recording our CCTV cameras with “VCR Tapes”.  With modern technological advancements, similar to cameras, we can now take advantage of “Digital Video Recorders” (DVRS’) which record multiple camera images onto built-in hard disk drives all at the same time. These DVR systems can store several weeks or even months worth of recordings, and can also retrieve the images in seconds.

One function which most people seem to be taking full advantage of having a DVR, is the ability to view their cameras on their DVR via their “Smartphone“. Once the DVR is connected to the internet you are able to view LIVE images and even past recordings from anywhere in the world!

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