Smart Home Systems or Smart Home Automation can control a number of, or ALL of the functions in your home with ease, making complete “Autopilot” living possible.

Take control of your Lighting, Heating, Security System, Multimedia, Curtains/Blinds and much more. Or how about letting the Smart Home System do some of these things automatically ?

The idea of using many different Devices and Sensors all connected into ONE central system, means that each device or sensor can be utilised to perform multiple tasks.

ENERGY SAVING: Lights can turn on automatically when you enter a room, then turn off again when there is no activity saving electricity.

SECURITY: The movement detectors in each room used for energy saving functions as above, can then be used to detect intruders and trigger the alarm.

MULTIMEDIA: Audio Speakers located in each room can be controlled independently or all together to listen to your favaourite music around your home.  Other functions of the same speakers can be an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning to your favourite Music Track or Radio Station, and could also be used to “Blur” out a LOUD Alarm sounds when the intruder alarm is activated.

There is an Unlimited amount of functions or combinations that a Smart Home System can perform for you.

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