Large Sectional Door

This 4.2m wide sectional garage door is an example of the type of composite structure door we can supply. It has optional glazed panels inset for extra light and style.

The sectional door panels are constructed from a 40mm thick sandwich of insulating foam filling and a steel surround.  You can have virtually any colour, whether one of the standard colours or even to a specific RAL colour.

A sectional door has the advantages of offering full width and height of the garage opening, and along with the powerful motor, the door offers smooth operation every time.

A sectional door is extremely strong and very safe. See the attached data sheet for Full Details, or ring now for a FREE Quotation and Survey.

Before and After

A new garage roller shutter door installed today in Widnes. This customer wanted to update their very old garage door that they were struggling to open. 

We installed a new Birkdale “Maxi Plus” roller shutter door, finished in Anthracite Grey laminate to match existing window frames and was complete with through wall drive for manual access in event of a power failure.

These doors include a complete door safety system to prevent the door from closing down on objects or people, therefore can be operated with peace of mind if children or pets are present. As the door lowers the on door sensor detects any obstruction, upon sensing this the door immediately 

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